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The Essential Tequila Cocktails

Odds are, we all have distinct (or not so distinct) memories about tequila. Maybe it’s just the amount we ingest or the sugary mixers it’s usually paired with. Or, the added sugar and caramel in cheap tequila. Either way, tequila is typically associated with a bad hangover. But, tequila has grown up a lot since our days in college.  Here are five essential tequila cocktails that showcase the spirit in a flattering light:

  • **Margarita: **The most popular tequila cocktail, the margarita is salty, tangy, and delicious. Even if you’ve had your fair share of margaritas, don’t write them off just yet. There are hundreds of variations to explore, from mango margaritas to top shelf margaritas to jalapeño margaritas. See recipe 
  • **Tequila Sunrise: **One of the most beautiful cocktails, the orange juice, tequila, and grenadine are layered in a way to look like a sunrise. The orange juice provides a tart flavor wile the grenadine balances it out with sweetness. This is a good entry-level tequila cocktail. See recipe 
  • **Paloma: **If you like grapefruit, you’ll love the Paloma. It’s crisp and a little tart, but well-balanced with the sweetness of the soda. It does taste like a margarita, but fruitier. And, the grapefruit masks the strong taste of tequila for those who don’t like a super strong drink. See recipe
  • Bloody Maria: We all know the Bloody Mary, but have you met the Bloody Maria? If you like things spicy, add tequila to your traditional Bloody Mary. It adds more dimension to the classic tomato-spice mix that is a perfect match. See recipe
  • Juan Collins: Easy to make, but strong on the taste buds. With only lemon, sugar, and club soda, this cocktail really highlights tequila. If you don’t like tasting the alcohol in your drink, steer clear of this one. See recipe


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