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Unique Champagne Cocktails for New Years Eve

e02e00f69d5f9ac71c0f7a0c599ef14a The clock strikes midnight and you instinctively reach for the bottle of champagne. _Man, _ you think, I wish I had a better drink. You can’t go wrong with the classic champagne toast, but why not make things more interesting? Here are seven unique champagne cocktails for your New Years party:

  • French 75: Gin and lemon turn this champagne cocktail into a refreshing blend of herbs and citrus. This fizzy drink is sweet, but boozy, and tangy, but sweet. Garnish with a lemon twist. See recipe
  • Bellini: Introduce this Italian classic to your festivities. This does take a bit of prep time to puree the peaches, but the result is worth it. Light with a sweet kick. See recipe
  • Caribou Martini: If you’re looking for a really unique cocktail, this it it. This drink combines coffee-flavored vodka with champagne. The roasted bitterness and the fruity notes actually work very nicely together. See recipe
  • Poinsettia: This red drink is festive and easy to drink. Champagne, Cointreau, and cranberry juice make this a light cocktail, but not too sweet. See recipe
  • Black Velvet: This one is for all the beer lovers out there. Champagne is layered over stout beer, usually Guinness, for a unique, delicious drink that couldn’t be easier to make. See recipe
  • Royale Resolution: Do you have a sophisticated soiree planned? This cocktail with muddled berries, mint, vodka and Chambord is guaranteed to impress. Top it all with champagne for a deep purple concoction. See recipe
  • San Remo: This is one of the strongest cocktails on our list. It’s like the older brother of the Mimosa. Champagne, triple sec, mandarin liqueur, and grapefruit juice come together for a slightly fruity, and definitely boozy drink. See recipe