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Tomato Juice Cocktails That Don’t Taste Like Salad

In theory, we like the idea of getting a health dose of vitamins to balance out our booze. But in reality, we’re not fans of feeling like we’re drinking salad when what we really want is gin. Enter the following tomato juice cocktails. With recipes so delicious and unique, you’ll almost forget you’re fueling your body with biotin, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and E. Bottoms up! Bloody Maria You’ve all had a Bloody Mary, but what about a Bloody Maria? The classic cocktail gets a Mexican spin with tequila instead of vodka. Add a generous dose of Tabasco (and maybe some horseradish, as well), and you’ve got a guaranteed fiesta in your mouth. See recipe Battle Maiden Ever had aquavit? If not, you’re in for a treat. Much like gin is a neutral spirit that’s defined by the flavor of juniper, aquavit is a liquor defined by caraway seeds. Like fennel, the spice has an anise-like complex, which pairs with tomato juice and Lillet for a drink that’s simultaneously salty, bitter, and sweet. See recipe Farmer’s Cocktail If you’re one of those “I buy my organic produce from the farmers market every Saturday afternoon” kind of people, we’ve got the cocktail for you. Made with fresh juices from tomatoes, watermelon, and lime, this drink is more or less a garden in a glass. See recipe Pardon My French, Mary Want to get your brunch on, but in the mood for beer? We’ve still got you covered. The Pardon My French, Mary turns beer into a morning-approved cocktail by mixing Guinness with tomato juice. See recipe Love tomato juice but not all the added chemicals and sodium found in so many store-bought brands? Stock up on this healthy version from the brand Lakewood, which uses three pounds of fresh-pressed organic tomatoes in every bottle. Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Pedro Fernandes