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The Best Entry-Level Whiskey Cocktails

169570e13c63afe6b3c1697ec9117401 We can associate a lot of things with whiskey – cowboys, prohibition-era speakeasies, and its strong flavor that can burn your throat on the way down. People either love whiskey or hate it, there’s not a lot of in between. Like anything, the more you try it, the more you’ll like it. But, for the beginners, here are five whiskey cocktails that will make the transition a little easier. For the existing whiskey fans, these sweeter, whiskey cocktails will show you a new side of your favorite spirit:

  • Irish Coffee: Hot coffee topped with whipped cream and spiked with whiskey is a delicious way to start experimenting. And the strong coffee flavor balances the spirit, so you won’t be overwhelmed with its taste. See recipe
  • Hot Toddy: This classic winter drink warms you up with its mix of whiskey, citrus, and honey. The combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey makes this taste less like a cocktail and more like a soothing cup of tea. See recipe
  • Whiskey Ginger: The key is to use ginger beer versus ginger ale. Ginger beer is non-alcoholic, but it is brewed and fermented with ginger, making the flavor much more pronounced and pairing very nicely with whiskey. See recipe
  • Sweet Old Fashioned: The old fashioned is a quintessential whiskey cocktail, but it is typically very strong. The original version has only bourbon, bitters, and a sugar cube. We recommend adding 6 oz. 7-Up and .5 oz lemon juice to mellow the burn. See recipe 
  • Whiskey Sour: This cocktail’s flavors are tart with just a touch of sweetness to take the edge off the whiskey. To make it sweeter, add ¼ oz to ½ oz of honey or Agave Nectar. See recipe

Have we piqued your interest? For even more whiskey cocktail ideas, check out the best-selling book “Bourbon: 50 Rousing Recipes for a Classic American Spirit.” Photo credit: