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6 Super Bowl Cocktails

Katy Perry, the most expensive TV ads, and one of the biggest days in sports are upon us. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and we’ve got Super Bowl cocktails inspired by the Seahawks and the Patriots. Here are six Super Bowl cocktails for the big game, themed for the Seahawks or the Patriots. Hawks Fan:

  • Skittles: Want to channel your inner Beast Mode? Follow Marshawn Lynch and enjoy some (liquid) Skittles. The key ingredient to this cocktail is pineapple-starfruit juice concentrate, which really tastes like Skittles. See recipe
  • The 12th Man: Created by the brand ambassador for Iceland’s Reyka vodka (who is a Hawks fan), this cocktail is cool and refreshing (perfect for when emotions are running high). See recipe
  • Seahawk Swizzle: Blue curacao gives this cocktail that blue color Seahawks fans have come to love. Peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and sour mix definitely make this drink more fruity and sweet. But don’t worry, you can always add more vodka. See recipe

Patriots Fan:

  • Brady Bomb: What to throw like Tom Brady? The Red Bull in this drink will give you a boost of energy and get you geared up for the game. And the cherry vodka and grenadine provide the festive color. See recipe
  • The Gronk: Red, white, and blue…and some tequila. This Super Bowl cocktail has blue curacao, cream, and a maraschino cherry to showcase Rob Gronkowski’s jersey colors. Think of it like a white Russian, with tequila. See recipe
  • Belichick’s Bellini: Let’s not forget about Bill Belichick. Serve this refreshing Italian cocktail in the morning to prepare for the long day (it’s like a sweet mimosa). Add grenadine for a red hue. See recipe

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