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4 Essential Cocktails to Ring in Spring

It may still feel like winter in some parts of the northern hemisphere, but rest assured, spring has officially sprung. The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and we’re itching to ditch our hot toddies in favor of bright cocktails with seasonal ingredients. Here, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite springtime libations. These drinks put the focus on fresh fruit and herbs over dark and heavy spirits — but we promise none of them ever sacrifice their boozy edge. Avocado Daiquiri: Drinking a daiquiri during warm weather months seems anything but groundbreaking, but just wait until you throw an avocado into the mix. The fruit adds an amazing creaminess that’s hard to resist, while also helping to cut out a lot of sugar. Pick up a ripe avocado hailing from California, which is rumored to have an extra delicious crop this year. See recipe South Side: There are people who say they don’t like gin. Well, we’re willing to bet they’ve have never had a South Side. Made with nothing more than gin, sugar, lemon juice, and mint, the cocktail is completely perfect in its balance and simplicity. See recipe The Lone Ranger: Add even more of a sense of celebration to tequila with some brut rosé. The dry yet fruity sparkling wine feels especially appropriate in the spring. And when mixed with fresh lemon and tangy tequila, it makes for the perfect outdoor, pre-dinner drink. See recipe Blueberry Smash: Nothing feels quite as festive for spring and summer as ripe blueberries. Pick up a pint from the grocery store (or better yet, the farmers market) to create a drink that’s one part fruity, one part floral, and all parts delicious. See recipe Quality springtime cocktails can’t be made without a quality muddler. One of our favorites come from Arctic Chill. The 10-inch stainless steel version also comes complete with a matching bar spoon and a lifetime guarantee. How can you go wrong with that? Photo credit: