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On a Diet? Try One of These 5 Low-Calorie Cocktails

Did you know a margarita could set you back almost 700 calories? Well, now you do, thanks to our friends over at Eventa. (PS: Thanks for ruining our summers, guys!) In fact, many of our favorite cocktails — especially the ones we sip when the weather gets hot — are freakishly high in waist-expanding ingredients. Now, this isn’t to say we don’t encourage indulging in a few Piña Coladas every now and again. But if you’d prefer to eat most of your calories instead of drinking them, we suggest trying one of the five low-calories cocktails below. Cuba Libre: Rum, lime, and (Diet) Coke. Smooth, simple, and sweet. (86 calories) See recipe Gin and Tonic: Want to enjoy the distinctly bitter taste of tonic with the zero calories of club soda? Opt for a diet version of the mixer. (112 calories) See recipe Bloody Mary: A Bloody Mary may accompany many a high-calorie brunch, but the cocktail is really quite healthy when made with low-sodium tomato juice. (123 calories) See recipe Old-Fashioned: No mixers, no syrups, no gallons of fruit juice. Let’s let the whiskey do the talking with this one. (155 calories) See recipe Sangria: By now, most of us have heard about the heart-healthy benefits of red wine. Get those antioxidants (with the extra kick of brandy) by sipping on a glass of red wine sangria. (173 calories) See recipe To learn more about the highest and lowest calorie cocktails, as well as tips for sipping healthy and smart, head on over to Photo credit: Infographic courtesy of