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5 Easy Beer Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer

Bloody-Helly-Beer-Cocktail-Blood-Oranges-Beer-Jalapenos-Whisky3Few things are better than sipping a cold beer on a hot summer day — except maybe sipping a cold cocktail on a hot summer day. Beer? Cocktail? Beer? Cocktail? If you can’t decide, we’ve got good news. Now you don’t to. Beer makes for a surprisingly versatile mixer, bringing a range of flavors and depths to our favorite spirits. Whether you’re a fan of fruity cocktails or something with a savory edge, there’s a beer concoction out there for everyone. Bonus: These recipes are perfect for serving up at your end-of-summer fiesta, sure to please both cocktail and beer lovers alike. Here are five of our favorites. Beerita Made with light beer, tequila, and limeade, it’s like a classic margarita but not quite as tart. If you’re looking something frozen, simply blend up the ingredients with ice. See recipe Bloody Hell The Bloody Hell (pictured) is not for the faint of heart, but undoubtedly delicious. IPA blends with bourbon, jalapeno, blood orange, and agave for a cocktail that’s hoppy, spicy, and sweet. See recipe Summer Hoedown We’re nearing the end of the watermelon season, so it’s time to soak up every last juicy bite. The Summer Hoedown — made with white beer, watermelon, and maraschino liqueur — tastes exactly like summer. See recipe Beer Sangria Not a fan of wine? This recipe swaps out vino for ale, as well as traditional brandy for pisco. The recipe is light and refreshing, arguably more so than your typical sangria. See recipe Rub & Rye If a dude was a cocktail, he would be this. The Rub & Rye combines Belgian beer, whiskey, and barbecue bitters — and a beef jerky garnish, no less! — for a concoction that’s smoky, meaty, and bold. This might just be the manliest drink we’ve ever seen. See recipe Photo credit: Courtesy of