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4 Jägermeister Cocktails That Won't Give You a Hangover

Jager Fresh Forget those drunken nights doing Jägerbombs in college. And definitely forget the hangovers you surely had the next day. These days, the German digestif has found its way into craft cocktails that still pack a punch but are grown-up approved. When paired with spicy liqueurs, fresh juices, and sweet colas, Jägermeister becomes — dare we say it? — elegant. So, go on and bust open that green bottle. These sophisticated concoctions are sure to help you get over any PTSD you may have from those nights leaning over the toilet. Precision Timepiece Created by NYC bartender and bitters guru Sother Teague, the Precision Timepiece combines Jägermeister, bittersweet Aperol, and floral Amaro Montenegro. The result is part herbal, part sweet, and part spicy — the last largely thanks to Teague’s inclusion of pimento bitters. Unlike what the name suggests, you could easily sip the day away with this cocktail. See recipe Jäger Fresh (pictured) Jägermeister isn’t the first ingredient that comes to mind when we think of bright and refreshing cocktails, yet this recipe proves it’s much more versatile than we thought. Mix Jäger with the floral notes of St. Germain, the tanginess of lime, and the coolness of mint for an invigorating combination. See recipe Root 56 If you’re a fan of the Dark and Stormy, might we suggest the Root 56? While the star of the show is still ginger beer, Jägermeister is used in place of rum for unexpected depth. Round out the zestiness with a squeeze of lime and a crunchy slice of cucumber. See recipe Sneaky Pete While many bartenders turn to bright ingredients to tone down the herbal notes of Jäger, Chicago’s Chris Neustadt fully embraces them. He plays up the bitterness with Amaro Abano and amaretto, but adds a touch of sweetness with a splash of Coke. It was named one of the best new cocktails in 2014, and Neustadt swears even those who don’t like Jäger will love it. See recipe Photo credit: Courtesy of Jägermeister