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Everything You Need to Know About Bar Glasses

Your home bar needs some excellent glasses.

Taking the time to make a well-balanced drink deserves the right presentation. Your bar glasses are more important than you may think – the wrong one can throw your whole drink out of balance. Take a look at our picks for the home bar essentials, and once you’ve mastered those, graduate to some fancy glasses. Basics 

  • Stem glass: Every home bar needs a glass designed for a cocktail. The stem allows the drink to stay chilled while you hold the glass, preserving the taste and smell. You can choose between two styles of stem glasses – the coupe) ($12) with a rounder mouth, or a classic martini glass ($25 for set of 6).
  • Rocks glass Commonly known as an Old Fashioned glass, this short, squat glass has a thick bottom (perfect for muddling) and holds 6-10 ounces. It’s extremely versatile, and can be used for everything from a margarita on the rocks to a gin and tonic. $11 for a set of 6.
  • Highball Tall and slender, you’ll see these glasses at restaurants because they are frequently used for drinks that aren’t shaken. The highball is great for fresh, summer cocktails with straws and Bloody Marys. $40 for a set of 6.

Extra fancy

  • Collins glass The Collins is the slimmer, taller brother of the highball. The shape of this glass keeps the drink cool and more carbonated – a must for iced or fizzy drinks. Use this sophisticated glass for a Mojito, Tom Collins, or Mai Tai. $43 for a set of 6.
  • Cordial These small, stemmed glasses hold only 1 to 4 ounces, and are used for aperitifs, digestifs, and dessert liqueurs. Breaking these out during a dinner party will certainly add a layer of elegance and refinement. $17 for a set of 6.