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4 Easy Apple Juice Cocktails

Who doesn’t love apple juice? It’s sweet, yet slightly tart. It reminds us of our childhoods. And — especially if you have kids at home — it’s one of those things that always seems to be around. You know what else apple juice is good for? Mixing cocktails. (And if you happen to have those kids we talked about, you might really need one.) Make the most of the juice you’ve got sitting in your fridge with one of these four easy cocktails. After sipping one of these, you’ll never look at a juicebox the same way again.

Apple Jack: It doesn’t get much simpler than a two-ingredient cocktail. This combination of apple and Jack Daniels feels surprisingly grown-up, especially when made with freshly pressed juice. See recipe

Apple Blossom: If apple juice is typically too sweet for your taste, we’ve got some good news: You can still have your vitamins and drink them too. Brandy, vodka, and lemon juice bring depth and complexity to this drink, making it mellow and (much too) easy to sip. See recipe

Malibu Baked Apple: Trying to warm up from the cold? This cocktail’s got you covered. Served hot, the Malibu Baked Apple — made with rum, cranberry, and apple juice — takes the sting out of the dreariest of days. Top with a generous helping of whipped cream for a boozy and relaxing dessert. See recipe

Apple Champagne: Whip up this creation for your next cocktail party or big event. The big-batch recipe calls for champagne, apple juice, and lots of fruit, making it an unexpected and unique alternative to standard punches and sangrias. See recipe

Keep your apple juice cocktails sophisticated and arsenic-free by purchasing brands that are organic and cold-pressed. We recommend these delicious juice from Purity, Lakewood, and R.W. Knudsen.