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Thanksgiving Cocktails: 3 Perfect Recipes to Pair With Your Turkey

It’s that time of year again: the time for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and dodging questions about when you’ll get married giving thanks for all of life’s little blessings. Whether you’re celebrating with family, doing it up like Friendsgiving, or sitting alone watching football on the couch, there’s no doubt you’ll have a drink in your hand. Perhaps you’ve already crafted the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail menu to match your expertly cooked four-course meal. (If so, who are you? Are you human?) If not, we’ve rounded up three of the best cocktails to pair with your turkey… and help keep you sane during the often stressful day. Thanksgiving Cocktail Yep, there’s actually a drink by this name, so the work was pretty much done for us. While the cocktail — made with gin, vermouth, apricot brandy, and lemon — would be perfect for sipping any time of the day, we recommend enjoying this drink as an aperitif. The fruity brandy and tart lemon will prepare your tastebuds for the savory meal you’re about to destroy. See recipe Polished Princess Yes, this drink is pink and frothy. And yes, it has the word “Princess” in the name. But that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from enjoying two of the most popular flavors of the season —  cranberry and pumpkin spice — together in one deliciously boozy concoction. Come on, just give it a try. If nothing else, you can say that, for a fleeting moment in history, you were the King or Queen of #Basic. See recipe Steelers Hot Apple Cider Dinner is over and it’s time for the big game. You’re probably stuffed. In fact, at this point, you’re mostly likely flopped on the couch with your pants unbuttoned. Maybe you’ve gone so far as to actually change out of your pants and into sweats. Either way, you couldn’t possibly eat another bite. But drink? Now, that’s a different story. Beer will only add to the pain in your stomach, but spiked apple cider will be soothing while still delivering a little kick. (Fun fact: This recipe was created specifically by Maker’s Mark for the 2011 Super Bowl in which the Steelers played the Packers. Unfortunately for Maker’s, the Steelers didn’t win. Hopefully, your team will fare better this time.) See recipe If you’re like many Americans, the end of Thanksgiving means the beginning of holiday gift shopping. But really, who wants to deal with swarms of aggressive shoppers at the mall? Stay relaxed, stay calm, and stay in your sweats by perusing the deals online. Might we suggest looking for something sophisticated for your home bar? No matter your style, this classic decanter by Denizli will not disappoint.