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3-Ingredient Vodka Cocktails You Need to Know

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You can muddle, you can zest, you can light booze on fire. There’s a lot that goes into making the perfectly crafted cocktail. The thing is: Sometimes you just want a drink without all the bells and whistles, yet vodka on the rocks simply won’t suffice. When moments like these strike, we suggest referencing the list below. No taking shots like a frat boy, but no spending more time making a drink than enjoying it. […]

Have Your Booze and Eat It, Too: Our Favorite Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes

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When you look back on your favorite summers as a kid, what kind of things come to mind? For us, it’s Slip ‘N Slides, water parks, baseball, and popsicles. Just thinking of that twinkling sound of the ice cream truck still gets us excited, and we become nostalgic for those sugar-filled days of sunshine and freedom. Sadly, summer comes to an end in just over a month. (We know, we know: But someone had to […]