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February Cocktail of the Month: The Pink Gin Gibson Martini

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It’s February and you know what that means — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re celebrating with someone special, kickin’ it with friends, or going solo on your couch, cocktails are definitely non-negotiable. The question is: How can you create a Valentine’s Day drink that’s on-theme without being overly sweet or (dare we say it?) girly? Our answer: pink gin. Thanks to the addition of Angostura bitters, the botanical spirit maintains its […]

5 Valentine’s Day Cocktail Ideas

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Americans spend nearly $4 billion on flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re making it easy and combining those floral and chocolate themes with cocktails to impress your special someone. Here are five romantic, sweet Valentine’s Day cocktail ideas to celebrate love: – My Sharona: This red cocktail is sweet in color but tart in flavor. White rum, lemon juice, and ginger beer add some fruity notes, and the muddled raspberries provide a […]