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Storing Your Spirits: How Long Does Your Alcohol Really Last?

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There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to booze. Does sticking to one type of liquor really prevent a hangover? Not necessarily. Does mixing an energy drink with alcohol make you more drunk? Again, that’s a no. And there’s just as much confusion over the proper way to store your spirits and how long each of them lasts. Turns out, despite the notion that alcohol gets better with age, most liquors will […]

How to Store Your Spirits at Home: 4 Quick Tips

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Remember back in college when everyone kept their vodka in the freezer? That was more about being able to do ice-cold shots at a moment’s notice than it was about proper storage. In fact, most liquors can and should be kept at room temperature — save for a few exceptions. If you’re not on top of proper storing techniques, the following tips will help you avoid any unwanted surprises. Hard Liquor In general, hard liquors […]