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6 Classic New Orleans Cocktails Every Drinker Should Know

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When it comes to drinking, there’s no city in America — and perhaps the world — that does it better than New Orleans. After all, this is a town where bars can stay open 24 hours a day and it’s totally legal, at least in the French Quarter, to carry a drink as you’re walking down the street. New Orleans is also rumored to be the birthplace of America’s very first cocktail, the Sazerac. While […]

3 of the Hottest Cocktails in Chicago… And How You Can Make Them at Home

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Welcome to the second installment of our travel series, where Cocktail Builder hops around the country to find the hottest cocktails from newly opened bars. (After all, who better to provide a little libation inspiration than some of the most sought-after bartenders in the nation?) Not only are we bringing you information on where to go and what to order, but we’ll even give you the recipes to create these cocktails from the comfort of […]

Hard Day? Here Are 5 of the Strongest Cocktails in the World

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Your car broke down on the way to work. You got into an argument with your boss. And to top it all off, your girlfriend’s friends are coming over to watch two hours of The Bachelor. Man, do you need a drink. If you feel like forgoing your favorite beer in favor of something with a little more kick, we’ve got the cocktails for you. Don’t worry; we’ve left out anything containing melon-flavored rum. These […]