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5 Ways to Use Blood Orange Juice in Your Cocktails

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Who doesn’t love orange juice? It’s perfect paired with breakfast or lunch (or even better, brunch), and goes spectacularly well with almost any liquor, liqueur, or bubbly. But you know what’s even better than the standard round or navel orange? The delectably sweet, tangy, gorgeously colored variety known as blood orange. Hailing from Mediterranean climates, the blood orange gets its ruby-red hue thanks to pigments called anthocyanins that develop during hot days and cool nights. […]

5 Simple Cocktails with Orange Juice

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Everyone loves orange juice. It’s great for breakfast or lunch (or even better, brunch). It pairs nicely with almost any spirit and we almost always have it on hand. Plus, we get a healthy dose of Vitamin C along with our alcohol. Make the most of your orange juice in the fridge. Here are five cocktails with OJ: Screwdriver: This classic, two-ingredient cocktail is refreshing any time of the day. And, odds are, you always have vodka and orange […]