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5 Football Cocktails Perfect for the Big Game

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If planning a game day party, there are four things any good host must serve: wings (either of the Buffalo or barbecue variety), chips, dip to eat with said chips, and lots and lots of booze. To go beyond a typical party, however, try stepping up your game by swapping basic beer with football-ready cocktails. Not only will these thirst-quenching sips go perfectly with all that greasy food, but your effort and creativity are sure […]

Football Cocktails That Are Better Than Beer

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Few things go better together than football and beer. But by this time in the season, we’ve all consumed quite a bit of beer already, and it’s time to step up the game with a beverage of a different flavor: football-themed cocktails. You’re sure to be the hit of the tailgate party. The Touchdown: If you’re feeling in the mood for something lighter and tangier than beer, whip up this version of Touchdown Tea. It’s […]