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Cocktail Lover’s Gift Guide: Spoil Yourself With These Extravagant Gifts

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With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably spending a lot of time finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. But you know who you’re forgetting? You! After all, the end of the year is a time to look back and celebrate your accomplishments, and we think you deserve a treat for everything you’ve done this year. We’d send you a present ourselves, but since we don’t have your address, it’s up […]

Cocktail Lover’s Gift Guide: 5 Must-Haves for Those Who Have It All

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In case you missed the memo, this season is all about gift guides at Cocktail Builder: gift guides for the serious bartender, gift guides for those needing to build their home bars, and as of right now, a gift guide for the people on your list (or maybe yourself!) who are more about experimenting with cocktails than sticking with the classics. That’s right: Forget about muddlers and decanters and ice buckets. (Though we approve of […]

Cocktail Lover’s Gift Guide: 9 Essentials for Every Home Bar

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Would you expect a passionate chef to not have knives, or a painter to not have a high-quality brush? Probably not. You see, the perfect creation calls for the perfect tools, which is why we can’t imagine any cocktail lover lacking the essentials for crafting the perfect libation. Whether you’re shopping for your martini-loving mom or treating yourself to a little something nice, these gifts are perfect for anyone looking to complete their home bar. […]

The Ultimate Cocktail Lover’s Gift Guide

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When it comes to holiday gift shopping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Maybe you’re a bold soul who’s willing to brave the chaos at the mall, but if you’re anything like us, just the thought of that makes you exhausted. Finding the perfect present for everyone on your list can be so much simpler if you forgo the crowds, and we’re making it even easier by giving you the ultimate online guide for cocktail lovers. Below you’ll find […]

5 Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Lover

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Shopping for other people is hard. How many of you are scrambling to find a good gift in time for the holidays? And, not just another bottle of whiskey or vodka. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five guaranteed home runs for the cocktail lovers in your life:   Whiskey stones (set of 9 for $9.99): All whiskey lovers should have these. These innovative cubes are designed to chill a drink without diluting […]