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3 New Flavors of Bitters You Need for Your Home Bar


Anyone who knows anything about cocktails understands the importance of bitters. One drop of these botanically infused mixtures can transform an entire drink, accentuating its rich, warm, sweet, spicy, or acidic flavor profile. Even casual cocktail sippers are sure to have a bottle of bitters on their home bar. The most commonly used are Angostura (rich and warm), Peychaud’s (sweet and floral), and orange (spicy and fresh). However, there are countless types of bitters you […]

How to Make Bitters at Home in 4 Simple Steps

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Once sold as patent medicine, bitters has become a necessary ingredient to cocktail makers. It has the ability to transform a drink with a single drop, which is why it’s earned the reputation as a “bartender’s salt and pepper.” Don’t believe its power? Just ask Brad Thomas Parsons, author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All. He suggests making two versions of a Manhattan: one with Angostura bitters and one without. “[The first] […]

Three Bitters You Need to Own and Why

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Bitters pack a punch. One drop can transform a drink — highlighting warm, spicy, rich, or acidic notes. These botanically infused alcoholic mixtures were once marketed as medicine, when pharmacist Antoine Peychaud would add them to alcoholic beverages sold at his 19th century apothecary shop in New Orleans. Today, however, bitters are a must-have for everyone from the casual sippers to the cocktail connoisseurs. If you’re new to the world of bitters, here are the […]