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National Beer Day Is April 7th! 5 Beer Cocktails Every Imbiber Needs

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As if we needed an excuse to drink beer (we don’t), April 7th marks National Beer Day in the United States. Unlike a lot of other booze-related holidays — International Gin & Tonic Day, National Cosmopolitan Day, and World Whisky Day, just to name a few — National Beer Day wasn’t invented just for any old reason to drink. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) We’ve actually got history to thank. Let us explain.

5 Easy Beer Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer

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Few things are better than sipping a cold beer on a hot summer day — except maybe sipping a cold cocktail on a hot summer day. Beer? Cocktail? Beer? Cocktail? If you can’t decide, we’ve got good news. Now you don’t to. Beer makes for a surprisingly versatile mixer, bringing a range of flavors and depths to our favorite spirits. Whether you’re a fan of fruity cocktails or something with a savory edge, there’s a […]

Have Your Booze and Eat It, Too: Our Favorite Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes

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When you look back on your favorite summers as a kid, what kind of things come to mind? For us, it’s Slip ‘N Slides, water parks, baseball, and popsicles. Just thinking of that twinkling sound of the ice cream truck still gets us excited, and we become nostalgic for those sugar-filled days of sunshine and freedom. Sadly, summer comes to an end in just over a month. (We know, we know: But someone had to […]