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5 Crazy Facts About Gin

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Despite the fact that there are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other liquor, the spirit itself is not nearly as popular as vodka, whiskey, or rum. Perhaps it’s the fact that the juniper-based drink tastes like what we’d expect a Christmas tree to taste like. Personally, we’re all about that flavor, yet we also understand not everyone enjoys their cocktail with a side of pine needles. Whatever your feelings about gin may […]

7 Crazy Facts About Tequila

Cocktail facts & history / email

Be it in the form of a shot chased with lime or a frozen margarita, pretty much everyone and their mom has tasted tequila at some point in their lives. (And probably had a hangover from it too.) Yet despite the fact that it’s one of the most popular liquors around, tequila comes with many myths, legends, and misinformation. Here are seven crazy facts you might not have known about tequila: 1. Tequila is mezcal, […]