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7 Surprising Facts About Vodka

c08fed751a572a865d83554da5a90ac1 Vodka is the most popular liquor for cocktails. The name vodka comes from the Slavic word voda, meaning water. It is a versatile spirit, included in many classic cocktails like a Martini, Moscow Mule, and a Screwdriver. Yet, despite the fact that most everyone has tried vodka and used it in many cocktails, there are a lot of things we don’t know about it. Here are seven facts about vodka you never knew:

  1. A teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of vodka helps keep flowers fresher longer.
  2. Vodka is lighter than water. 1 liter of water weights 1,000 grams, while 1 liter of vodka weighs 953 grams.
  3. The most expensive vodka in the world, Billionaire Vodka, costs $3.75 million a bottle. It’s filtered though ice, Nordic birch charcoal and sand made from crushed diamonds and gems.
  4. Vodka soothes a jellyfish sting. It helps disinfect the wound and alleviate some of the pain.
  5. Ripping off a Band-Aid is a lot easier when it is soaked in vodka! The vodka helps dissolve the adhesive.
  6. Moisten a soft, clean cloth with vodka to shine chrome, glass, and porcelain fixtures.
  7. We haven’t tried this ourselves, but adding vodka to your shampoo is supposed to make your hair healthier and shinier.
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Did you enjoy these facts? Want to learn more about vodka? We recommend reading “Vodka: How a Colorless, Odorless, Flavorless Spirit Conquered America” ($19).  Photo credit: _