TOSSWARE 9oz Shatterproof Champagne and Cocktail Glass – Set of 12 – BPA-Free Upscale Recyclable/Disposable Plastic Flutes

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$12.99 $11.04

TOSSWARE is the perfect upscale recyclable disposable drinkware for any occasion. With a smooth, rounded rim and stunning crystal clarity, our unique shatterproof drinkware delivers the feel of a true champagne flute. They embody the elegant look and feel of crystal without being fragile. Our uniquely patented interlocking stackability feature makes storage convenient and serving fun. Best of all, TOSSWARE plastic cups are 100% made with BPA free and fully recyclable PET/ rPET polymer, so you can save the planet without sacrificing sophistication. Its style meets simplicity with TOSSWARE!



  • 9oz Clear Flute.
  • Recyclable, 100% BPA Free Recycled Polymer, Shatter Proof, Crystal Clear, and Patented Space-Saving Stackability.
  • Made with the highest quality BPA free recycled RPET polymer.
  • Why wash? Just Drink TOSS and Recycle! However, if you must wash, hand wash only.
  • Designed in California, Made in the USA and Taiwan.

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