Cocktail Muddler – Stainless Steel – Grooved Nylon Head – Create Delicious Refreshing Cocktails by Decodyne.

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Decodyne COCKTAIL MUDDLER – Create delicious refreshing cocktails

Creating exquisite cocktails requires not only the right ingredients but the right tools as well. Professional bartenders will tell you that the muddler is one of their most indispensable tools. The muddler is essential for thoroughly blending the flavors of herbs, spices and fruits used in many popular cocktails. The Mojito, Mint Julep, old Fashioned and Capipiroska all require muddling to make them taste fabulous! This “muddling” of the ingredients brings forth a burst of flavor when the alcohol is poured into the glass over the mixture.

Traditional muddlers are made out of lacquered wood, which often, over time, becomes difficult to clean and can lead to polluting your drinks. This new modern version is made of stainless steel which will remain beautiful and never add unwanted tastes to your drinks. It has a grooved nylon head for thorough mashing (muddling) of ingredients.

A well-stocked bar includes fine liquor and all the bartender’s tools, so don’t forget your Decodyne muddler. It may well inspire you to open up a cocktail book and try a new drink.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

To ensure your complete satisfaction we also back our product with a 30 day replacement guarantee!

Be ready for your next cocktail party and order your Decodyne muddler today!



  • Made of strong and beautiful stainless steel unlike traditional muddlers that are made of lacquered wood that can pollute your drink over time and leave a disgusting after-taste.
  • Grooved nylon head for thorough mashing of herbs, fruits and spices to help you create the most unique , flavorful blend.
  • Easy to clean – hand washing recommended but it is dishwasher safe too for a really effortless, hassle-free cleaning
  • Perfect for muddling herbs, spices, fruits and bitter sugar cubes. Create perfect cocktails like The Mojito, Mint Julep, old Fashioned and Capipiroska with the perfect muddler.
  • Backed with our lifetime guarantee. Nothing for you to lose.

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