A29 Moscow Mule 100% Solid Pure Copper Mug/Cup (16-Ounce/Set of 4, Hammered) with 1 Copper Shot Glass and 4 Copper Straws

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As all good mixologists know, the cocktail, Moscow Mule was the way vodka was introduced into America in the 1940s. By the 1950s it was all the rage. Today, it is the #1 selling spirit in America. Three men were responsible for it’s creation and marketing a special copper mug for it as well. Our replica 100% copper mug hammered holds 16 oz. Impress your friends with these stylish, hand-crafted copper mugs! Moscow Mule 2 oz vodka (Smirnoff to be authentic) 6 oz ginger beer ½ oz fresh lime juice Lime garnish Fill the mug with ice and add the ingredients. Stir. Why use Pure Copper? Pure copper is essential for the chemical ionization of acids found in citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, and oranges. For this reason, other mugs that have stainless steel linings or nickel do NOT have the same taste as drinking from a pure copper mug. At A29, we take great pride in the authenticity and craftsmanship of our products. Your new Moscow Mule mug is made from 100% copper without any lining. Don’t drink from a cheap imitation you deserve better. Care Tips: (A) Clean your copper mugs by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can damage the lacquer coat leading to permanent damage to the mug. (B) Since the inner surface of the mugs is unlined and made of 100% pure copper, it may tarnish over time. Use any copper cleaner cream to restore shine. You can also use a home-based remedy of a solution of equal quantities vinegar / lemon juice and salt, diluted with some water. Avoid scratchy cleaners like steel wool to clean your mugs.



  • 100% PURE COPPER–Pure Copper. These mugs are the real deal–drink the Moscow Mule the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with a handcrafted pure hammered copper mug. With 1000+ 5 star reviews, you can buy these copper mugs with confidence.
  • ICE COLD–Our copper mug will frost up in mere seconds. The pure copper transmits an icy cold experience directly to your lips, and the metal locks in the drink’s coolness. We recommend using any copper cleaner cream to keep your mugs looking like new.
  • MAKE YOUR KITCHEN SHINE–These Hammered Copper Mugs will really stand out in your kitchen and impress your friends. The shiny copper exterior glimmers wherever it is placed, and it’s the perfect staple for the host or party-thrower. These mugs are externally lacquered to maintain the luster and last a long time unlike other mugs. Beautiful yet functional! Hand Wash Recommended.
  • 16 OZ CAPACITY HAS NUMEROUS USES–Our Copper Mug works great for chilled beer, iced coffee, iced tea and any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks. Additionally, many experts tout the benefits of drinking water from 100% copper drinkware. The generous 16 oz size is the perfect amount to hold your drink and ice cubes without worrying about spills. Our copper cups feature a smooth lip that lets you drink in comfort, unlike the sharp edges found on other mugs. Make for a great gift!
  • FREE 1 COPPER SHOT GLASS AND 4 COPPER STRAWS–Included with your purchase are 1 Copper Shot Glass and 4 Copper Straws! The beautifully crafted copper accessories let you make your drinks in style. BUY GENUINE MUGS FROM A29 SELLER: Beware! Several unscrupulous sellers are offering low quality counterfeit versions of our Moscow Mule mugs on Amazon. To insure you’re getting genuine mugs as per the mentioned specifications buy only from seller ‘A29’.

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