Cocktail Trends to Look Out for in the new year

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Like fashion and food, the landscape of cocktails is largely predicted by popular trends. Thanks to the resurgence of tiki drinks such as the Jungle Bird, refined disco sips like the Harvey Wallbanger, and anything and everything made with mezcal, last year was a fun time for liquor lovers. But with a new year come new trends and new techniques. Here are three things to look out for in the new year. Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Presents at Every Price Point

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With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably spending much of the month searching for that perfect present for everyone on your list. The trouble is, shopping for the right gifts can be an exhausting challenge and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, there’s no store called Here’s the Perfect Gift For You, so to make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide for every imbiber on your list. (After all, who doesn’t love getting a nice bottle of their favorite booze or something sleek to put on their bar cart?)

Whether you’re looking for basics to help a pal build out their home bar or something to wow a cocktail connoisseur who has everything, we’re certain that we’ve got a gift for everyone on your list. What’s more, we’ve found presents at every price point, with one even as affordable as $5.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something as well. After all, the end of the year is a time to look back and celebrate your accomplishments, and we think you deserve to raise a glass to everything you did in the passing year. Cheers! Read More

5 Hard Apple Cider Cocktails to Drink All Winter Long

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Bright and tangy with that distinct crispness of the seasonal fruit, few alcoholic beverages have become more synonymous with fall and winter than hard apple cider. Not only that, but the balance of sweet and tart make the drink not only enjoyable on its own, but a versatile ingredient to include in cocktails. (Not to mention pair with some of our favorite foods of the cold weather season.) Read More

6 Classic New Orleans Cocktails Every Drinker Should Know

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When it comes to drinking, there’s no city in America — and perhaps the world — that does it better than New Orleans. After all, this is a town where bars can stay open 24 hours a day and it’s totally legal, at least in the French Quarter, to carry a drink as you’re walking down the street.

New Orleans is also rumored to be the birthplace of America’s very first cocktail, the Sazerac. While this has been up for debate, what isn’t debatable is that the city has given rise to many of the world’s most enduring drinks. As cocktail historian and legendary barmen Chris McMillian has said, “As long as people have been drinking cocktails, they’ve been drinking them in New Orleans.” Here, we detail the six classic NOLA creations that any imbiber should know and love. Read More

Mulled Wine, Beer, and Cider Recipes to Keep You Warm This Fall and Winter

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When the weather starts to cool down, as it’s certainly doing in many parts of the world right now, few things can warm you up better than a steaming mug of mulled wine. Much like a classic hot toddy, this concoction uses spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg to create that toasty feeling that we want in the fall and winter.

Though mulled wine isn’t nearly as popular in the United States, the drink has been a tradition in Old World countries for ages. In fact, wine was first recorded as spiced and heated as far back as 2nd-century Rome. The recipe has evolved over time to include other ingredients such as citrus, ginger, and brandy. Today, the drink serves as the perfect treat for warming up after a day out in the cold.

But it’s not just wine that can get the mulling treatment. Cider and even ale also pair incredibly well with these traditional spices. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite recipes featuring wine, beer, and cider to keep you warm this season. Each is as delightful as the next and takes less than 20 minutes to whip up. Read More

5 Easy and Wickedly Delicious Halloween Party Punch Recipes

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Halloween comes but once a year, so when it does we do it in style. That’s right: We’re talking about award-worthy costumes, king-size candy bars, and pumpkins carved with the skills of Edward Scissorhands.

But of course, none of that is any fun if you’re sitting on the couch alone in your costume, getting sick on the aforementioned candy. This year, it’s time to step up your game by throwing a Halloween party to end all parties. Bust out the decorations, hit play on the spooky music, and whip up a batch of punch to get the energy going.

In honor of the occasion, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite boozy creations to serve on Halloween. These big-batch recipes are easy to make ahead of time so you’re not shaking drinks all night long. They’re also guaranteed to wow your guests with festive ingredients like black vodka, spiced pumpkin, and, yes, fake eyeballs. Read More

5 Football Cocktails Perfect for the Big Game

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If planning a game day party, there are four things any good host must serve: wings (either of the Buffalo or barbecue variety), chips, dip to eat with said chips, and lots and lots of booze.

To go beyond a typical party, however, try stepping up your game by swapping basic beer with football-ready cocktails. Not only will these thirst-quenching sips go perfectly with all that greasy food, but your effort and creativity are sure to make you the star of the tailgate party. Here, five of our favorite cocktail creations to serve for the big game. Read More

October Cocktail of the Month: The Pumpkin Beer Patch and Orchard

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Pumpkin Beer Patch and Orchard CocktailOctober is upon us and you know what that means: Everyone is going crazy about pumpkins. From carved pumpkins to pumpkin pie to pumpkin spice lattes, the squash is everywhere this season — even in our beer.

Early October also marks the conclusion of Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest, a multi-week event in which locals and visitors alike consume millions of liters of beer. Even if you weren’t able to attend this year’s festivities, you can still celebrate Munich’s beer culture — and autumn’s favorite fruit — with one very tasty ale-based libation. Read More

7 Sherry Cocktails for Your Sherry Fest

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Since 2012, New York City has been celebrating sherry — one of the world’s most historically important wines and one that’s been having a major renaissance in recent years. For three sherry-filled days, the annual Sherry Fest brings the world of sherry to a broader audience, highlighting the intricately complex and multifaceted fortified wine through dinners, classes, and tastings designed for both sherry aficionados and those just beginning to discover the age-old tradition.

Held during the last weekend of October, this year’s Sherry Fest will feature more than 150 sherries from the Spanish region’s finest bodegas. Whether your taste is for fresh finos, intense olorosos, or the lusciously rich style known as Pedro Ximenez, there’s sure to be a sherry to please every palate. However, even if you can’t make it to NYC in order to attend the event, you can still celebrate in the comfort of your own home with one of our favorite sherry-based cocktails. Read More

Top 5 Kahlua Mudslide Cocktail Recipes


Who doesn’t love an ice-cold glass of chocolate milk? It’s a delicious sweet treat that takes us back to our childhoods, while (if only for a moment) allowing us to forget the worries of being adults. But we are adults, and there is a benefit to that: liquor.

When you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, why not take things up a notch by adding a little booze? One of our favorite ways is by looking to Kahlua, and one of our favorite creations is the Kahlua Mudslide. This classic recipe of Kahlua, Baileys, and vodka can really only be described as coffee-flavored chocolate milk for adults. While the drink hinges on those three ingredients, there’s a variety of recipes featuring everything from ice cream to pumpkin spice. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite variations. Read More