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Mulled Wine, Beer, and Cider Recipes to Keep You Warm This Fall and Winter

When the weather starts to cool down, as it’s certainly doing in many parts of the world right now, few things can warm you up better than a steaming mug of mulled wine. Much like a classic hot toddy, this concoction uses spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg to create that toasty feeling that we want in the fall and winter. Though mulled wine isn’t nearly as popular in the United States, the drink has been a tradition in Old World countries for ages. In fact, wine was first recorded as spiced and heated as far back as 2nd-century Rome. The recipe has evolved over time to include other ingredients such as citrus, ginger, and brandy. Today, the drink serves as the perfect treat for warming up after a day out in the cold. But it’s not just wine that can get the mulling treatment. Cider and even ale also pair incredibly well with these traditional spices. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite recipes featuring wine, beer, and cider to keep you warm this season. Each is as delightful as the next and takes less than 20 minutes to whip up.

Mulled Red Wine The most classic of the recipes, mulled red wine is a delicious drink that’s sweet, spicy, and boozy. This recipe includes brandy, sugar, cinnamon, clove, star anise, and orange for a drink that’s both robust and bright. See recipe

Mulled White Wine The same mulled recipe can be made with white wine for a sip that has a slightly tangier kick. Simply use the same recipe from above and swap red wine for your favorite dry white. If you choose, seasonal ingredients such as cranberries and pomegranate seeds make for festive additions. See recipe

Mulled Ale Not a wine drinker? Worry not, because beer works just as well with mulling spices and citrus. Created by celebrated chef Neil Rankin, this rendition features hoppy IPA paired with honey, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, lemon, and a pinch of salt. See recipe

Mulled Cider Use fresh apple cider to create a drink that highlights some of the greatest flavors of fall. This recipe boasts an additional bite thanks to zesty brandy, but that can easily be left out to make a drink that non-imbibers can enjoy. See recipe

Mulled Wine Syrup Take your mulling skills one step further with this incredible creation from Honestly Yum. A large dose of sugar transforms wine into an ooey, gooey syrup that can be drizzled on top of ice cream, pancakes, yogurt, and more. This recipe also uses vanilla bean and pink peppercorn for an extra warm and spicy twist. See recipe