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3 Cocktails You Need to Know From the John Dory Oyster Bar in NYC

If you ask us, few things go better together than bright cocktails and fresh oysters. While the ideal atmosphere for consuming these things is a sun-filled patio overlooking the water, the combination is also the perfect antidote for dreary winter weather. That’s why, on a recent visit to NYC, we couldn’t resist popping into the John Dory Oyster Bar during a particularly chilly afternoon. The restaurant, run by April Bloomfield of The Breslin and The Spotted Pig, immediately lifted our spirits. The bold chairs, brass tabletops, and seashell sconces made us feel like we’d been transported to a tropical location. And once we’d downed a couple cocktails and a dozen oysters, all thoughts of those horrible New York wind tunnels had magically disappeared. We recommend stopping by the Oyster Bar if you’ve ever in NYC, but we’ve still got you covered if you can’t make it there. The following cocktails are three of the most popular from John Dory’s menu, and you can easily whip them up at home when you need to feel like you’re on your own little vacation. Jungle Bird _Blackstrap rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup Jungle Bird_ Originally created in Malaysia in 1978, the Jungle Bird has recently been popping up on cocktail menus across Manhattan. Somehow sweet, bitter, and tangy all at once, it might just be the best tiki drink you’ve never heard of. See recipe **Oaxacanite** _Tequila, mezcal, honey syrup, lime juice []( rel=)Oaxacanite_ The classic margarita gets an updated spin with smoky mezcal. But thanks to the honey, there’s a sweetness still lingering behind the notes. Add an extra dose of heat by rimming the glass with Tajin, a Mexican seasoning made of chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice. Buy here. See recipe **Ms. Dalloway** _Rye, Aperol, ginger, lemon juice _ If you’re searching for something truly refreshing, look no than further than the Ms. Dalloway. The bitterness of the Aperol, spiciness of the ginger, and brightness of the lemon play perfectly to create a cocktail you’ll want to drink again and again. See recipe _Photo credits: Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal; Courtesy of Latitude29Joakim S. on Yelp; Jager Weatherby_