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3 Easy Holiday Party Punches for Your End-of-Year Celebrations

Red Nose Punch

It’s that time of year — the time when holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s call us to celebrate like no other time of year. It’s when families join hands, friends throw reunions, and companies host holiday parties both in and out of the office. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that seems to cause far too much stress, especially if you’re planning a menu. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to eliminate some of the chaos, at least when it comes to the booze. Below are three of our favorite easy and delicious punches for serving during the holidays. Unlike others that use sugary sodas and too much juice, each of these are elegant and refined. They’re also perfect for making ahead of a party, letting you actually enjoy the event instead of mixing cocktails all night long.

Chilled Cider Punch This cider punch combines the delectable flavors of fall and winter with the celebratory feel of a sparkling punch. Effervescent ginger beer and dry cider get spiked with a generous helping of whiskey, making this the perfect big batch to keep your guests feeling festive and buzzed. See recipe

Regent’s Punch As the name suggests, this tea-infused punch is an elegant centerpiece for any holiday event. Bubbly champagne gives the recipe its necessary festive feel, while rum, arrack, and pineapple lend a vibe that says, “We decided to spend the holidays in the Caribbean.” See recipe

Red Nose Punch Beer and bourbon make fast friends in this sweet and tangy Red Nose Punch. Combine the booze with tart lime juice, fresh cranberries, and cinnamon-infused syrup for a drink that tastes as festive as it feels. Pro tip: That cinnamon syrup is perfect to use on the pancakes you’ll undoubtedly be craving come morning. See recipe