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Do You See Dead People? 3 Creepy Cocktails For Halloween

Halloween comes but once a year, so when it does we do it in style. That’s right: We’re talking award-worthy costumes, king-sized candy bars, and pumpkins carved with the skills of Martha Stewart. Of course, there’s no fun to be had on Halloween if you’re wearing your costume alone on the couch, getting sick on candy while congratulating yourself on your aptitude for carving. (Not that we’ve done that.) That’s why we’re planning on throwing the Halloween party of the year, and we’re sparing no expense when it comes to the booze. If you’ve decided to step it up with a party of your own this year, take a cue from us. Not only are the following three cocktails Halloween-appropriate, but they’re potent enough to make that fourteenth Butterfinger sound like an awesome idea. I See Dead People
I See Dead People This drink may not look all that scary on the outside, but trust us, it’s much more deadly than meets the eye. Made with equal parts rum, vodka, Everclear, and whiskey, this is definitely a “one and you’re done” kind of shot. We hope you have a designated driver. See recipe Eyeball Highball
Eyeball Highball If you’re looking to get a bit more eerie but don’t want to go full-on gross, we recommend trying the Eyeball Highball. Fans of the classic martini are sure to love this drink, seeing as how it’s, well… a classic martini. The only difference? Radishes and olives creatively crafted into creepy eyeball garnishes. See recipe Brain Hemorrhage
Bloody Hemorrhage If you really want to get gruesome, nothing beats the Brain Hemorrhage (also commonly called the Bloody Brains). While the ingredients — peach Schnapps, Irish cream, and grenadine — might seem sickeningly sweet, it’s the drink’s appearance that’s most likely to make you hurl. See recipe Another favorite for Halloween fetes? Jello shots straight from a syringe. Pick up this 50-pack from EZ-Inject for a booze experience on a whole new level. Photo credits: Joel Henner on Flickr;;;