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From Peas to Pot: 4 Cocktails That Are Going Green

There’s going green and then there’s going green. (And we don’t mean being environmentally friendly.) When it comes to the world of cocktails, few ingredients are off-limits — even if it means getting them from your local cannabis club. With additions like muddled peas to marijuana, the following four cocktails are literally going green. Green Giant: Still traumatized from those times your mom force-fed you peas as a kid? This might change your mind. Made with gin, lemon, pea pods, and tarragon, the Green Giant tastes just like the way a spring garden smells. See recipe Azoteas Verdes Margarita: Kale is everywhere these days: in salads, in smoothies, even on sweatshirts. We thought at least our cocktails were safe, but clearly we were mistaken. The Azoteas Verdes Margarita let’s you imbibe without the guilt, thanks to all those vitamins from kale, radish, and green bell pepper. See recipe Kombu Seaweed Martini: We love seaweed in our sushi, but in our alcohol? According to Greg Henry, author of Savory Cocktails, the Kombu Seaweed Martini is not to be missed. The combination of botanical gin and umami seaweed makes for a sip that’s “mildly salty and subtly sweet, just like the ocean.” See recipe Pot Manhattan: Weed aficionados everywhere have long been inventing new and creative ways to partake of their pot. Now that includes cocktails. This Manhattan is more or less your traditional recipe, except you can swap out that regular whiskey for cannabis-infused rye. Be careful, though: This potent mixture is not for the faint of heart. While you should always drink responsibly, it’s especially important to remember when mixing substances. See recipe Would you try any of these green cocktails? Let us know in the comments. Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Jessica Reeder