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5 Football Cocktails Perfect for the Big Game

If planning a game day party, there are four things any good host must serve: wings (either of the Buffalo or barbecue variety), chips, dip to eat with said chips, and lots and lots of booze. To go beyond a typical party, however, try stepping up your game by swapping basic beer with football-ready cocktails. Not only will these thirst-quenching sips go perfectly with all that greasy food, but your effort and creativity are sure to make you the star of the tailgate party. Here, five of our favorite cocktail creations to serve for the big game.

Michelada No matter what game you’re watching, it’s hard to deny that sports and beer go hand-in-hand. Forgo that boring six-pack in favor of a drink with a south-of-the-border kick. Pair Mexican lager like Tecate with hot sauce, lime, and chili powder. You can take the recipe in a Bloody Mary direction by adding half an ounce of tomato juice, and garnishing with game day-appropriate snacks like peppers, cheese, or bacon. See recipe

The Touchdown If you’re in the mood for something lighter and tangier than beer, whip up this version of Touchdown Tea. It’s more or less an iconic Arnold Palmer — with equal parts iced tea and lemonade — plus the boozy addition of your favorite bourbon. See recipe

Super Sunday Punch Created by Chicago bartender Mike Ryan specifically for Super Bowl LXVII, the Super Sunday Punch (pictured) is an irresistible blend of all-American ingredients, including bourbon, apple brandy, ruby red grapefruit, and sweet tea. The addition of warming spices such as cinnamon, allspice, and clove make this perfect for fall and winter, while the punch can be easily be made ahead of time to lower stress once your guests arrive. See recipe

Bromosa When game day and brunch time coincide, there’s nothing better than a Bromosa, a beer-centric version of the classic mimosa. Champagne gets traded for crisp lager and potent tequila, while orange juice and triple sec bring that refreshing citrus flavor that we all know and love. See recipe

Quarterback Sack Shots If you really want to crank up the energy, look no further than the Quarterback Sack. With gin, vodka, and triple sec, plus Bloody Mary mix, it won’t take more than a few of these shots to get the party going. Make a batch ahead of time and greet guests with a shot upon arrival. Once the game gets started, take a shot every time the opposing quarterback gets sacked. But be careful: these pack more of a punch than you may realize. See recipe