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Football Cocktails That Are Better Than Beer

Few things go better together than football and beer. But by this time in the season, we’ve all consumed quite a bit of beer already, and it’s time to step up the game with a beverage of a different flavor: football-themed cocktails. You’re sure to be the hit of the tailgate party. The Touchdown: If you’re feeling in the mood for something lighter and tangier than beer, whip up this version of Touchdown Tea. It’s basically an Arnold Palmer with the boozy addition of your favorite bourbon. See recipe Quarterback Sack Shots: If you really want to crank up the energy, look no further than the Quarterback Sack. With gin, vodka, and triple sec combined with Bloody Mary mix, it won’t take more than a few of these shots to get the party started. See recipe The Kickoff: If football without beer sounds like sacrilege, we’ve still got you covered. The Kickoff blends vodka and beer to create a libation with an extra, well… kick. See recipe Are you a diehard football fan? Do you make cocktails like it’s your job? Well, guess what: We’ve found the perfect thing for you. Not only does this stainless steel cocktail shaker come in the shape of a football, but it even comes complete with a kickoff tee stand. (You know, in case you get too drunk to keep your shaker standing upright.) Photo credit: Courtesy of Amazon