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3 Father’s Day Cocktails (Because Your Dad Doesn’t Need Another Tie)

Forget about gifting your dad yet another tie this Father’s Day. Let’s be honest: He probably hasn’t even worn the last three you’ve given him. Instead, raise a glass to the man who taught you how to ride a bike, jumpstart a car, and light a grill without setting yourself on fire. Here are three pops-approved cocktails guaranteed to make you his favorite of the family.

  • The Ballgame: Few things put a nostalgic smile on our faces like the memory of attending a baseball game with dear old dad. So it’s fitting that this cocktail, aptly named The Ballgame, should be a go-to for this list. Primarily made with bourbon, Frangelico, and amaretto, the recipe’s a home run as it is. What really knocks it out of the park is an unexpected yet appropriate touch: a Cracker Jack-coated rim. See recipe.
  • Hole in One: Golf may not be as exciting as baseball, but it’s just about one of the most dad-like activities around. Skip the 18 holes and go directly to the watering hole, where you can down Hole in Ones without spoiling a good walk, as the old joke goes. Thanks to the cranberry juice, this cocktail looks more like a Cosmopolitan than it does a manly Scotch on the rocks. But hey, it might just match your dad’s pink plaid shorts. See recipe.
  • Rusty Nail: The name alone brings back memories of dad working in the garage, quietly cursing to himself while pretending he’s got this do-it-yourself thing down. Whether your dad rivals Bob Vila or has more of a Tim Taylor vibe going on, he’s sure to appreciate the Rusty Nail. With nothing more than Scotch, Drambuie, and a zesty lemon twist, this cocktail is classic and manly — just like dad. See recipe.

If you’re still hankering to give your dad a wrapped gift on Father’s Day, may we suggest this set of hand-crafted stone chillers ($30 on Amazon)? All the style of a nice silk tie… and they’ll actually get some use. Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Dani Lurie