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5 Simple Cocktails with Orange Juice

Everyone loves orange juice. It’s great for breakfast or lunch (or even better, brunch). It pairs nicely with almost any spirit and we almost always have it on hand. Plus, we get a healthy dose of Vitamin C along with our alcohol. Make the most of your orange juice in the fridge. Here are five cocktails with OJ:

  • Screwdriver: This classic, two-ingredient cocktail is refreshing any time of the day. And, odds are, you always have vodka and orange juice on hand, making it the perfect cocktail for when you’re in a pinch. For a colorful twist, make the juice from blood oranges. See recipe
  • The Bronx: This cocktail is basically a Perfect Martini with orange juice added. It is a flavorful and mildly sweet fruity drink, without being overpowering. See recipe
  • Bocce Ball: You can’t go wrong with just two ingredients, especially if they’re orange juice and amaretto. This cocktail will remind you of a screwdriver, but the amaretto makes it a little more interesting with nice almond notes and a bittersweet finish. See recipe
  • Tequila Sunrise:  Layers of orange juice, grenadine, and tequila make this cocktail taste as good as it looks. Refreshing and tropical, this cocktail is easy to make and impressive to serve. See recipe
  • **Fuzzy Navel: **The name has nothing to do with a belly button. The “fuzzy” comes from the peach schnapps and the “navel” from the orange juice. And, if you add vodka to the mix, you’ve got a “hairy navel” (hairy for the higher strength of alcohol). See recipe 

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