Cocktail Lover’s Gift Guide: 5 Must-Haves for Those Who Have It All

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In case you missed the memo, this season is all about gift guides at Cocktail Builder: gift guides for the serious bartender, gift guides for those needing to build their home bars, and as of right now, a gift guide for the people on your list (or maybe yourself!) who are more about experimenting with cocktails than sticking with the classics.

That’s right: Forget about muddlers and decanters and ice buckets. (Though we approve of those things, too.) This is the must-have list for people who have it all… except for that one cool thing that will truly make their bar complete.

Gin Kit
The Homemade Gin Kit
How do you know when you’ve gone from a casual cocktail maker to fully commited? When merely buying your booze isn’t enough. This kit contains everything you need to help you transform a boring bottle of vodka into your very own unique blend of gin.

River Cottage Booze Handbook
The River Cottage Booze Handbook
Already dabbled in the world of home brewing? Then it’s time to kick it up a notch. The River Cottage Booze Handbook is the ultimate guide for those serious who are about making their own alcohol. The tome contains more than 75 recipes for libations like mead, plum, and blackberry whiskey. And they even throw in a few hangover cures for good measure.

Utensil Frother
Utensil Handheld Stainless Steel Frother
Adding foam to a cocktail is a simple and creative way to bring depth and flavor to your creation. But instead of shaking eggs whites for 12 minutes (and risk causing an arm injury), make it easy on yourself with a stainless steel frother that can whip up foam in a fraction of the time. Go on and get creative. May we suggest Grand Marnier foam on top of a margarita, or perhaps red wine foam on a whiskey sour?

Smoked Sugar
Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar
Simple syrup is just fine, but smoked sugar is so much better. The sweet caramel flavors and richness of the smoked oak brings complexity to any bourbon cocktail. The company even provides a long list of ways to use their sugar in non-booze recipes, from fried chicken to apple pie.

Keychain Breathalyzer
BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer
Now that you’ve been drinking, you’ll definitely want to make smart choices. And now it’s never been easier than with a breathalyzer you can take anywhere you go. (It can also double as an entertaining party game.)


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