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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Break out the chips and guac, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. And this year, drink something more exciting than the traditional margarita. Here are five delicious cocktails for Cinco de Mayo:

  • Michelada: It’s like a Bloody Mary, but with a beer base. Seasoned with hot sauce and spices, this cocktail has got a kick. See recipe
  • **Paloma: **The Paloma is like a margarita with bubbles. It’s crisp and a little tart, but well-balanced with the sweetness of the soda. The grapefruit also makes it a tasty (and strong) brunch cocktail. See recipe
  • El Diablo: Balance the spice of tequila with a blend of blackcurrant-flavored cassis and ginger beer. It’s a sweet, cool cocktail, and a great springtime alternative to a margarita. See recipe
  • Rosita: This slightly bitter cocktail is easy to make, with only tequila, two vermouths, and two bitters. If you like a Negroni, this is the drink for you. See recipe
  • Oaxacan Ice Water: There’s no better way to celebrate May 5th than with tequila, soda water, and agave nectar. Keep this refreshing cocktail close as you chow down on spicy salsa. See recipe