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Three-Ingredient Gin Cocktails You Must Know

Easy, simple gin cocktail recipes. You can drink a shot of tequila or mix whiskey with a bit of water, but gin is destined to be mixed in a cocktail. In fact, there are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other spirit. Whether you are just beginning to explore gin drinks or you’re a die-hard fan, you’ll love these three simple cocktails that shine the spotlight on gin:

  • Negroni: Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth make this Italian drink bold, yet simple. Because Negroni is an aperitif, and its flavor is so strong, we recommend pairing it with food that can match its taste. Try prosciutto, salami, or blue cheese. When to serve: Before dinner to work up an appetite.
  • Gimlet: A classic 50s drink that is as refreshing as it is simple. Both sweet and tart at the same time, the gimlet is made with only two ingredients – gin and Rose’s lime juice. Add basil or cucumber to add a new layer of flavor. When to serve: Anytime. Really.
  • Bee’s Knees: This drink goes back to the prohibition era, when “bee’s knees” was slang for “the best.” Decades later, this cocktail is still pretty great. Combine gin, lemon, and honey. Shake with ice and strain, and garnish with a lemon twist. When to serve: On a warm summer day.