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3 of the Hottest Cocktails in Atlanta... and How You Can Make Them at Home

Little Trouble Welcome to the ongoing installment of our travel series, where Cocktail Builder hops around the country to find the hottest cocktails from newly opened bars. (After all, who better to provide a little libation inspiration than some of the most sought-after bartenders in the nation?) Not only are we bringing you info on where to go and what to order, but we’re even giving you recipes to create these cocktails from the comfort of your very own home. Our next stop is Atlanta, known for its sports teams, music scene, and Southern hospitality… as well as some killer cocktails.

Moonwalker Taking its name from the French word for “bitter,” it’s no surprise that Amer puts a special focus on cocktails with ingredients like cynar, aquavit, and amari. Lead bartender Shanna Mayo crafts these complex recipes to pair perfectly with the bar’s European-style small plates. While it’s certainly not the most bitter cocktail on the list, we recommend the Moonwalker. Made with agricole rhum, chartreuse, and champagne, it’s grassy, herbal, and slightly sweet… and packs a serious punch. See recipe

Japanese Cowboy Open for just over a year, Little Trouble (pictured above) has quickly become iconic for its industrial design, neon lighting, and potent drinks. The Asian-inspired menu is paired with a list of high-quality sake and “super crafty” cocktails. There’s a concoction for every taste on the menu, but we’re partial to the Japanese Cowboy, a simple yet intoxicating blend of Japanese whisky, lemon juice, and ginger. See recipe

Singapore Sling If you’re in the mood for something festive, look no further than S.O.S. The tiki bar serves up tropical drinks and an island-inspired atmosphere, alongside eats like coconut shrimp. S.O.S. is known for its large cocktails that can be shared between groups of two to four, as well as punch bowls that serve up to eight. If you’re gonna go tiki, you might as well go all the way with the classic Singapore Sling. Gin is mixed with orange liqueur, cherry brandy, and pineapple juice (among other ingredients) for a combo that bright and refreshing. See recipe