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5 Cocktails to Drink Before the New Year’s Eve Toast

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It’s 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and you want another cocktail, but you know the rounds of champagne are coming out in an hour. You’ve also been drinking for quite a while. What can you order to have a tasty cocktail in your hand, but keep things in line? Here are five cocktail ideas with slightly lower alcohol content to make your night last longer: Campari and Soda: This is one of the signature […]

The Best Big-Batch Cocktails

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The more the merrier, right? While hosting a summer picnic, barbecue, or outdoor party for a group of friends can be a blast, no one wants to be the person stuck in the kitchen making individual cocktails for dozens of people. At your next gathering, make these big-batch cocktails the night before and just add ice the next day. This way, you’ll actually be able to enjoy the party. Blackberry and Cabernet Caipirinha: Brazil’s national drink […]

Cocktails for Your Memorial Day BBQ

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Memorial Day marks the beginning of good weather, camping, graduations, and barbecues. It’s the season of refreshing, crisp cocktails, corn on the cob, grilling, and summer picnics. Kickoff the summer cookout season with these five cocktail ideas for your Memorial Day BBQ: Ginger Shandies: You can’t have a BBQ without beer. Try this refreshing twist on beer by combining Hoegaarden, ginger beer, and zesty lemon slices. See recipe White Wine Sangria: Red wine sangria can be a little heavy […]

The History of the Cocktail

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Let’s be real: the word “cocktail” is a little strange. Why did someone mix together alcohol, bitters, sugar, and water, and decide to call it a “cocktail?” Where did the term really come from and who first invented it? Here are five fast facts about the history of the cocktail: The word “cocktail” was first defined in 1806 by The Balance and Columbian Repository as  “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters, […]

Mother’s Day Cocktail Ideas

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You owe your mom a drink. Forget the flowers or the breakfast-in-bed this Mother’s Day. Make your mom a stiff drink she’s sure to love. Here are five Mother’s Day cocktail ideas: Mint Julep: It’s easy to make a big batch of Mint Juleps for your whole family. Crisp and sweet, this drink is strong enough that you can taste the bourbon, but you’re not overwhelmed. See recipe Pimm’s Cup: Light, refreshing, and not too heavy on […]

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

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Break out the chips and guac, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. And this year, drink something more exciting than the traditional margarita. Here are five delicious cocktails for Cinco de Mayo: Michelada: It’s like a Bloody Mary, but with a beer base. Seasoned with hot sauce and spices, this cocktail has got a kick. See recipe Paloma: The Paloma is like a margarita with bubbles. It’s crisp and a little tart, but well-balanced with the sweetness […]

5 Common Myths About Alcohol

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There are myths about everything – don’t swim right after eating or you’ll get a cramp.. Bananas grow on trees. Bats are blind. Don’t wake a sleepwalker. These are all false, yet many of us have believed them at one point or another. The same goes with myths about alcohol. How many of us have followed the “beer before liquor, never been sicker” rule? Or, ate a greasy pizza before bed to avoid a hangover? Sorry to break […]

The Best Cocktails with Kahlua

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If you want an easy way to add a boozy mocha flavor to cocktails, ice cream, cakes or cheesecakes, look no further than Kahlua. This coffee-flavored, rum-based liqueur from Mexico is actually made from coffee beans, giving you a boost of energy while sweetening a drink. Here are five delicious cocktails with Kahlua: Mudslide: This one may be more dessert than cocktail. The Mudslide is a frozen cocktail combination of vodka, Kahlua and Baileys, blended until smooth. To […]

5 Unique Cocktail Accessories

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A bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer, and a cocktail shaker are essential cocktail accessories. But, they’re nowhere near as awesome as huge balls made out of ice or making cheap alcohol taste expensive with an oak infuser. Here are five unique cocktail accessories to liven up your home bar: Rox Ice Ball Mold ($9) Make large round ice balls that look great in a drink. These ice spheres have less surface area and last much longer than other […]

5 Cocktails for Easter Brunch

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Although we outgrew the egg hunt, there’s no reason the kids should have all the fun on Easter. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite cocktails for Easter brunch, perfect for sipping all morning on a beautiful spring day. Here are five light, floral cocktails for Easter: Pimm’s Cup: This bright, fresh cocktail is easy to sip throughout the morning. Pimm’s, the liquor, has a hint of orange zest, caramel, and herbal undertones. Mixed with lemonade and topped with cucumber […]