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Fall in Love With 6 Cocktails with Wine


Wine purists might argue that you shouldn’t serve wine in a cocktail, but we respectfully disagree. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than mixing up your red, white or rose favorites by blending them with sugar syrups, spirits and fruits. Whether you want a wine-infused twist on a cocktail classic, a boozy take on an American dessert favorite, or a delicious winter warmer, here are the six wine cocktails that will see you through every season.

Orange Juice: Most Versatile Cocktail Ingredient


If you ask shrewd bar managers and restauranteurs in The Colony, the key to having a well-stocked bar is always keeping a supply of orange juice ready to go. To create the tastiest orange juice cocktails, it’s strongly recommended to grab a package of oranges and freshly squeeze the juice. However, if you don’t have the time or motivation to get crafty and make some fresh-squeezed OJ, you can simply pick up a bottle of […]

Drinks to Keep You Warm This Fall


The leaves are falling, and that means cold weather is just around the corner. And while the temps are dropping, there’s no better time to warm up at a pub with good friends or snuggle up at home with a warm alcoholic beverage to keep the temperature up. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular warm alcoholic beverages that would be perfect for the next time you’re snowed in.

The Definitive Guide to Gluten Free Adult Beverages


Partaking in an adult beverage or two with friends and family is one of our culture’s longest lasting pastimes and always will be. When it comes to family gatherings, it could even be called a tradition. It is something that nearly everybody who is of drinking age does on a seemingly regular basis. For someone who is following a gluten free diet, this pastime is not as enjoyable as it should be. Many adult beverages […]

Spring Blush Recipe from Our Favorite San Francisco Bar

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Today we have a guest cocktail from Michael Cecconi of Two Sisters in San Francisco. Two Sisters is a cozy neighborhood bar that offers craft cocktails created with the love and care a chef gives to his dishes. The bar has a literary theme, and prides itself in offering a book club along with their boozy concoctions. Cecconi has been bartending at Two Sisters since he moved from New York City. He was chosen by […]