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4th of July Cocktails: Get Down with Your Red, White, and Booze

Is there anything more American than eating hot dogs, watching fireworks, and getting drunk outdoors? We don’t think so. We may not be able to help you with the food and entertainment come this 4th of July weekend, but we can certainly help you get your drink on. In honor of America’s birthday — girl looks damn good for 239! — celebrate in style with these patriotic cocktails. (Post-party aspirin not included.)

All-American Beauty This cocktail is just like your grandmother’s homemade lemonade, but, you know… with vodka. Put a rustic, all-American vibe on the presentation by serving these in a mason jar. Now they’re Pinterest-approved! See recipe

Red, White, and Blueberry Made with bourbon, simple sugar, and fresh mint, this cocktail takes its cue from the classic mint julep. It’s especially appealing on a scorching summer day, thanks to tart citrus and ripe berries. See recipe

Strawberry Sparkler Champagne has the power to make any event feel like a celebration, so you better believe it’s part of our 4th of July menu. This recipe blends sparkling rosé with tequila and schnapps for an extra boozy kick. See recipe

#Merica Sangria Sure, sangria’s typically a beverage hailing from Spain and Portugal, but this recipe is pure USA. The combination of white wine, vodka, and berries makes for a refreshing cocktail on a hot afternoon, while star-shaped pineapple chunks add a fun and festive touch. See recipe

The Firecracker Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a layered red, white, and blue cocktail. While there are plenty of recipes out there, our favorite is this simple-to-make version with grenadine, blue curacao, and vodka. See recipe

Taking your booze to go? We recommend snatching up this eco-friendly, flag-print water bottle by Sharkskinzz. For a mere $13, you can tote 16 ounces of liquid while showing off your American pride. Plus, it’s a lot less conspicuous than a flask.